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至孤独 封面.gif
Sung by Yan Caocai
Lyrics by Jue Chen
Composed by G.E.M. (Sandglass)

至孤独 is a character song of Zhang Beihai and Luo Ji from the animation Mine Threebody Animation adapted from the science fiction novel The Three-Body Problem. It is sung by Yan Caocao.


至孤独 is a Chinese cover song sung by Yan Caocao. The original song is ‘’Sandglass’’ sung by G.E.M.

This song was uploaded to acfun and bilibili as the 3P of the first episode of Mine Threebody Animation: The Legend of Luo Ji , as an independent video in Youku and Tencent Video, on June 9, 2016.


Tencent Video


Yanhe version by An Xiaoqin Mu You Xue
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你同你行至荒漠 于星海中坠落
You and you walk to the desert and fall in a sea of stars
冷眼太过 至辩白都吝啬
Too much cold-eyed to be stingy with arguments
他与她自认裁夺 还听说着听说
He and she have decided to take the blame and hear about it
或憎或唾莲台高坐 瞧我多深刻
May be hated or spitted on the lotus seat. See how deep I am

振翅于微末 熄灭才炙热
Wings are in the end and only when extinguished I am vigorous
太不齿的 却最清澈
The most unpleasant, but the clearest
再浅显沟壑 也分割得透彻
Even the shallowest of gulfs is divided

最后一盏灯火 点亮残骸上轮廓
The last light illuminates the outline of the wreckage
目送远行者 步履蹒跚 隐没入夜色
Seeing the distant walkers stumble into the night
最后一场雪落 岁月于沉默处归于沉默
The last snow falls and the years return to silence in the silence
收录镌刻亿万年的诗作 都安睡成传说
The poems that have been engraved for billions of years are all sleeping as legends

吻过刑台与神座 荒草丛生脉络
Kissing the torture platform and the throne of the gods.
缄口跋涉 他人唇舌形色
The lips of others are silent and trek
又或许命题艰涩 各人各自辩驳
Or perhaps the proposition is difficult, each one arguing his own case
孤城陷落 就同所有人一般孱弱
The lonely city has fallen, as weak as all

无知者高歌 张扬的怯懦
The ignorant sing, the cowardly flaunt
被遗弃的 对峙星河
The abandoned, the confrontation of the stars
再浅显沟壑 也分割得透彻
The shallowest of gulfs is divided thoroughly

最后一盏灯火 点亮残骸上轮廓
The last light illuminates the outline of the wreckage
远行者也将 怀抱行囊 隐没入夜色
The far traveler will also carry his bag and fade into the night
最后一场雪落 岁月于沉默处归于沉默
The last snow falls and the years return to silence in the silence
舒展守候亿万年的诗作 都安睡成传说
The poems that have been waiting for hundreds of millions of years are all sleeping in legend

时空擦身而过 渺远的星河 撕扯开了暮色
Time and space pass by, and the distant stars tear apart the twilight
光影交错 奔涌脉搏
Light and shadows intermingle and pulse
(Hey ee ee ee)

最后一支孤勇 睁开星空般的眼瞳
The last of the lonely brave open their starry eyes
终褪尽懵懂 如同新生 于长夜化蛹
At last, it fades from ignorance like a newborn chrysalis in the long night
袒怀抱拥 生命的残忍冰冷与光荣
Embracing the cruel coldness and glory of life
沸腾淬成严冬 刃口寒锋 迎过未来的梦
Boiling and quenching into the winter, the cold edge of the blade, facing the dream of the future
(哦呜呜哦 哦呜呜)
Dreams of the future

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