Natural Selection, Ahead Four

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Natural Selection, Ahead Four is a sentence from The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin.


Natural Selection, Ahead Four is a famous dialogue from The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin.

In The Dark Forest, when the flagship of the Asian Fleet, Natural Selection, was hijacked by Zhang Beihai, he made this command. In the setting, Ahead Four is the highest acceleration gear of a general interstellar spacecraft, which can theoretically increase the speed of the spacecraft to 15% of the speed of light. At the same time, all members must enter the deep sea state in the Ahead Four state. This order marked the end of the preparation phase of Zhang Beihai's plan and the beginning of its formal implementation, and laid the foundation for the establishment of Galactic Humans.

Derivative meaning

Because this sentence has the meaning of "accelerate", it derives the meaning of "accelerate driving". For some works that seem to have an edge ball nature, it is convenient for people to use this sentence.

But sometimes the Ahead Four powered by controlled fusion engines can no longer express the driving speed. So Ahead Four can also be replaced with other acceleration methods.



  • Natural Selection, Curvature Engine Starts!
  • Natural Selection, Engine Overload!
  • Natural Selection, Extreme Speed!