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‘’’The ultimate goal and ideal of the ETO is to lose everything. Everything that now belongs to the human race, including us.’’’ Ye Wenjie: Me to blame?

Sung by Da Ruo
Lyrics by Xixing
Composed by Yuki Kajiura (Akatsuki no Kuruma)

寒夜方舟 is the character song of Zhang Beihai in The Three-Body Problem, sung by Da Ruo.


寒夜方舟 is a cover song sung by Da Ruo. The original song is ‘’Akatsuki no Kuruma’’, the ED of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, by Yuki Kajiura and sung by Nanri Yuuka.

This song was uploaded to 5sing by the lyricist Xixing Yeluo on 6th May, 2014, then was uploaded to bilibili as the 2P of the fifth episode of Mine Threebody Animation on 9th May, 2014, and was included in the character song collection uploaded on 17th October, 2015.

Xin Zixing uploaded a PV remake authorized by the lyricist on the 20th August, 2014.

There are a lot of covers of this song, including covers using singing voice synthesizers, not listed here.


Original song

5sing music163

Character song collection
Wide ModeShow

Remake ver. by Xin Zixing
Wide ModeShow


Luo Tianyi & Yuezheng Ling ver. by Caomei Xingsen
Wide ModeShow

Stardust & Xing Sha ver. by BeYonme
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Stardust ver. by Helseggen Mosken, tuned by Jiacang Wanjuan book
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太空高边塞 深邃似海 踽踽独行身若尘埃
The high frontier of space, deep as the sea, walking alone as dust
使命的承载 无情无奈 宛若陨石天地中开
The bearer of the mission, relentless and helpless, like a meteorite opening in the sky and earth
真相都掩埋 这段独白 伴那血色献给未来
The truth is buried, this soliloquy, with the blood dedicated to the future
寒夜灯火与谁同徘徊 终局莫须等待
Who will I wander with in the winter night? The endgame need not wait

最后的对望 凝成皓如星辰的军章
The last look at each other, becomes a star-like military seal
镌刻磐石般不变信仰 彼处彼方 定有灯火闪亮
Engraved with rock-like faith, in the other place, there will be lights shining.
文明的音响 在迷离之中斑驳凄凉
The sound of civilization, is dappled and desolate amidst the confusion
诀别钟声起伏时不曾悲伤 任他风和霜
No sorrow when the farewell bell rises and falls, let the wind and frost
此去之后 明日苍茫
After this, tomorrow will be a long day

漫步在星河 不尽夜色 算这一生终究是客
I walk in the galaxy, never ending night, I'm a guest after all
死神的枷锁 未来定格 叹无人相伴这抉择
The shackles of death, the future is fixed, sighing no one accompany me for my choice
存在与缄默 生死相握 命运之轮转于此刻
Existence and silence, life and death, the wheel of destiny turns at this moment
恒星风中如惊鸿掠过 诀别不须骊歌
The stars pass by in the wind like a gossamer, no need for a song of farewell

啊寒夜的方舟 一去天涯征程无尽头
Ah, the ark of the cold night, the endless journey to the end of the world
像荒原中遗世的火种 溶入星空 此别并无重逢
Like a fire in the wilderness, dissolving into the starry sky, there is no parting and no reunion
期盼的瞳孔 末日来时骤然地冷冻
The pupil of expectation, freezes suddenly when the end comes
唯有新生播撒在那星海之中 使命已告终
Only the new life is sown in the sea of stars, the mission is over
默然相送 最后之梦
A silent farewell, to the last dream

黑暗的法则 是谁最先勘破 壮士悲歌未彻
The law of darkness, who first broke it, strong man's lament is not yet complete
凝望那抹血色 并无悲欢离合
Gazing at the blood, there is no sorrow or joy
Just the choice of life

寒夜的方舟 航线直指星空的尽头
The ark of the cold night, its course leads to the end of the starry sky
是泪和血洗尽了脆弱 重燃星火 让掌心也温热
Tears and blood washed away the weakness, rekindle the spark, and made the palm warm
生死都割舍 只(顾)前行莫问去路难测
I've given up on life and death, and I'm just going to go on and not asking for the way out
黑暗森林中如灯塔指引你我 莫忘这支歌
In the dark forest, like a lighthouse to guide you and me, don't forget this song
永恒之歌 挪亚之舟 长照山河
Eternal song, Noah's boat, shines on the mountains and rivers

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