Adventures in the Primitive World

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Original Name 原始世界历险记
Translation Name Marching to the New Wonderland
Region China
Original run August 17,2015
Episodes 60
Directed by Chen Jianwei
Written by Wu Chaowei, Shi Jianna, Liu Lifan, Li Disi, Ou Ling, Zeng Lingling, He Zhusen, Guo Peng, Huang Weidong, Lu Yiyong, Chen Junchen, Luo Wei, Liu Feng, Zhong Cheng, He Jialiang, Liang Zikai, Liu Wei
Voiced by Zu Qing, Zhang Lin, Liang Ying, Deng Yuting, Liu Hongyun, Gao Quansheng, Zhao Na, Li Tuan
Licensed by Creative Power Entertaining
Linked works Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Adventures in the Primitive World (Chinese: 原始世界历险记) is the fifteenth season of the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series.


The goats plan to visit the Citizens in the Primitive World, but the Wolffy family also travelled there. The Primitive citizens, together with Weslie and co, have to suffer futuristic attacks from Wolffy and the Past Seven Evil Wolves. Will they have fun in there, or have a bad time?


  • Animation Director: Guo Rusen, Li Siben, He Xiaowei, Mo Zhengyuan, Zhong Peng, Luo Zongqi, Lin Suying, Feng Zhihui, Zhu Weichang, Wang Sidan
  • Art Director: Wang Yongjian Chen Aimei
  • Title design: Xie Xicong, Zhou Zeju, Fan Chujun, Huang Jianxing, Zheng Yumin
  • End credit design: Guo Rusen, Li Siben, Li Ruiyun
  • Animation design: Guo Sien, Zhong Chengjia, Song Linglin, Zhou Zeju, Xie Xicong, Fan Chujun, Huang Yijuan, Liang Jiazhen, He Qitong, Chen Yunru, Liao Chu, Bao Guanghui, Huang Liqi, Xie Junqing, Li Ruiyun, Chen Hanxiong, Zheng Yumin, Jiang Tianmei, Guan Xiaoling, Huang Jianxing, Fu Guishan, Liu Kewen, Chen Sixiao, Li Cong
  • Animation design: Chen Yupeng, He Yuting, Huo Jieliang, Li Jiajun, Gao Ming, Lai Peijing, Liu Zhenyu, Zhong Zhuanzhen, Ma Xiao, Mai Yimin, Wang Jianshen, Luo Qiuqing, Au Yilin, Zhou Bingjie, Li Shiqi, Qin Chao, Liu Cong, Luo Wei, He Jiancong, Liang Dafei, Luo Jing, Zheng Yuanyuan, Li Jincheng, Xu Kangjuan
  • Producers: Cai Ruiqiong, Tan Fei, Yan Liting
  • Production Coordinator: Li Xiaoxia
  • Distribution: Qiu Haiyan, Ding Dan, He Pu, Lu Xiaoting
  • Later editing: Huang Shihong, Sun Caixia, Pan Shuzhen, Wan Zhaolong, Xian Jingwen, Yang Kaiwen, Su Zijun, Huang Yuling
  • Pre-recording: Kong Zehui
  • Sound effect production: Guangzhou Yuexiu Ruizhi Animation Design Studio
  • Editor: Sunny
  • Screenwriter: Wu Chaowei, Shi Jianna, Liu Lifan, Li Disi, Ou Ling, Zeng Lingling, He Zhusen, Guo Peng, Huang Weidong, Lu Yiyong, Chen Junchen, Luo Wei, Liu Feng, Zhong Cheng, He Jialiang, Liang Zikai, Liu Wei
  • Original: Huang Weiming
  • Director: Chen Jianwei
  • Producer: Huang Weiming
  • Production and distribution: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd
  • Production: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd



No. Chinese Title English Title Original air date
1 原始青青草原 Primitive Green Green Grassland August 17, 2015
2 原始好兄弟 Primitive Good Brothers
3 新旧大碰撞 Old and New Collide
4 笨狼争排名 Stupid Wolves Compete for Ranking
5 最强盔甲 The Strongest Armor August 18, 2015
6 大象吸尘器 Elephant Vacuum Cleaner
7 预知未来 Foretelling the Future
8 羊村不设防 Goat Village Unsuspecting
9 大笑危机 Big Smile Crisis August 19, 2015
10 大力的接班人 Dali’s Successor
11 百忙一家亲 Hundred Busy Families
12 荷花的心愿蝶 Lotus’ Wish Butterfly
13 村长的烦恼 Village Chief’s Trouble August 20, 2015
14 大家都是好朋友 Everyone Is a Good Friend
15 代理队长 Acting Captain
16 救狼记 Save the Wolf
17 铃儿响叮当 Jingle Bells August 22, 2015
18 手机惹的祸 Trouble Caused by Cell Phone
19 恶狼之首 Head of the Bad Wolf
20 月光宝壶 Moonlight Treasure Pot
21 做自己 Be Yourself
22 做只文明的狼 Be a Civilized Wolf
23 成功石 Success Stone
24 飞向蓝天 Fly to the Blue Sky
25 鸠占鹊巢 Dove to the Magpie’s Nest
26 懒羊羊的寻味之旅 Lazy Goat’s Taste Hunting Journey
27 伤心小雨 Sad Little Rain August 23, 2015
28 上课记 Going to Class
29 食物的烦恼 The Trouble With Food
30 羊大力的溜溜球 Sheep Power’s Yo-Yo
31 英雄莫问出处 The Hero Is Not Asking Where He Comes From
32 荷花的飞行梦 Lotus’ Dream Of Flying
33 雕像风波 Statue Controversy
34 方便之门 Door of Convenience
35 剪羊毛 Sheep Shearing
36 企鹅捉羊 Penguin Catching Sheep
37 小角色大作用 Small Role Big Role
38 兄弟胸章 Brother Badge
39 有借有还 Borrow and Return
40 诚实先生 Mr. Honest
41 大力寻亲记 Powerful Family Search
42 功夫小子 Kung FU Kid
43 记忆拼图 Memory Puzzle
44 失声企鹅 Lost Voice Penguin
45 天罗地网 The Net of Heaven and Earth
46 重振狼威 Revive the Wolf
47 大力神美羊羊 Tibbie the Mighty
48 决胜棋盘 Winning Chessboard
49 垃圾与钻石 Trash and Diamonds
50 孪生效应 Twin Effect
51 美羊羊的时尚裙 Tibbie’s Fashion Dress
52 消失的胡子 The Disappearing Beard
53 委屈的企鹅 The Aggrieved Penguin August 29, 2015
54 将计就计 The Trick Is the Trick
55 会唱歌的椰子 Singing Coconut
56 球衣风波 Jersey Fiasco
57 勇斗恶狼 Fight the Wolf
58 原始时装秀 Original Fashion Show
59 沸羊羊学功夫 Sparky Learn Kung FU
60 重返家园 Return to the Home

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