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Original Name 羊羊快乐的一年
Translation Name Joys of Seasons
Region China
Original run May 1, 2010
Episodes 100
Directed by Huang Xiaoxue
Written by Li Binglin
Voiced by Zu Qing, Zhang Lin, Liang Ying, Deng Yuting, Liu Hongyun, Gao Quansheng, Zhao Na, Li Tuan
Licensed by Creative Power Entertaining
State Creative Power Entertaining
Linked works Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Joys of Seasons (Chinese:羊羊快乐的一年) is the third season of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series.


  The pleasant goats and all the other villagers have been enjoying their peaceful and happy life on the Greengrass land. The wolf couple, Wolffy and Wolnie, is always looking for every possible and impossible opportunities to catch a prey or two. And yet they are always failed by Weslie. The story is about the endless intelligent fighting between the wolves and the goats, which is funny and hilarious.[1]


  • Art design: Huang Xiaoxue
  • Animation technical guidance: Huang Zhilong
  • Animation Director: Huang Xiaoxue
  • Animation design: Yang Shaoyu, Jin Jin, Huang Wei, Deng Wei, Yao Fang, Liang Weiji
  • Producer: Cai Ruiqiong
  • Production Coordinator: Tan Fei Zheng Minshan
  • Issued by: Li Lisi Wu Jiale Qiu Haiyan
  • Three-dimensional production: Xie Huixian
  • Opening animation design: Huang Zhilong, Liu Wei, Ouyang Minyi
  • Ending animation design: Huang Haitao, Wang Sidan, Zhu Zinan
  • Post editing: Huang Shihong, Li Huilin, Ruan Suzhu, Chen Jianmin, Liang Huanyu
  • Sound production: consistent digital
  • Editor: Jiang Dan
  • Screenwriter: Li Binglin
  • Director: Huang Xiaoxue
  • Producer: Liu Manyi
  • Production and distribution: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd.
  • Producer: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd.

Disney dub

  • Special Graphics Editing: Wenna Poon and other graphics team members





No. Chinese Title English Title
1 快乐时光 Happy Time
2 先知的梦 The Dream of the Prophet
3 火星奇花 Strange Flower from Mars
4 真假炸弹 The True or Fake Bomb
5 豪华喷水池 The Luxurious Water Fountain
6 三个救火的少年 The Three Boys Who Saved the Fire
7 祸从口入 Trouble by Mouth
8 忆苦思甜 Bittersweet Memory
9 不老泉 The Fountain of Youth
10 最佳拍档 The Best Partner in Town
11 懒羊羊自救行动 Paddi's Self Rescue
12 梦游记 Sleepwalk Time
13 射日英雄 Shooting Hero
14 神仙草 Immortal Grass
15 玩具总动员 Toy Story
16 小小发明家  Enter the Little Inventor
17 绅士与流氓 Gentlemen vs Loafer
18 谁也不许动 No one is Allowed to Move
19 废品收藏家 Welcome to Trash Collector
20 漫画青青草原 The Grassy Fields in Comic Books
21 天狼食月 The Tengu Eclipse
22 旅行保镖 Travel Bodyguard
23 温柔袖套 The Gentle Cuffs
24 猪一样的队友 Pig-like Teammate
25 蜜蜂大盗 Bee Thief
26 恩将仇报 Good Deeds Goes Unpunished
27 灰太狼的呼唤 The Call of Wolffy
28 神奇照相机 Amazing Camera
29 我叫壮羊羊 I'm Strong Goat
30 女生战争 Girls' Fight
31 忘忧草与勿忘我 Forgetful Grass Remember Me
32 草原怪圈 Strange Drawings on the Field
33 空心地球 It's the Hollow Earth
34 小羊补天 Goats are Fixing the Sky
35 喜羊羊的宝贝 Weslie's Secret Treasure
36 真实的谎言 A Most Honest Lie
37 幸运罐头(一) The Lucky Can (Part 1)
38 幸运罐头(二) The Lucky Can (Part 2)
39 幸运罐头(三) The Lucky Can (Part 3)
40 幸运罐头(四) The Lucky Can (Part 4)
41 恶作剧粉末 The Special Pranks Powder
42 纵横四海 Crossing the Four Seas
43 开心粮仓 Happy Pantry
44 溜冰王子 The Ice Skating Prince
45 千里送雪花 Sending Snow from a Far Distance
46 冬眠的狼 The Wolf that Hibernates
47 防寒外衣 Cold Prevention Coat
48 相同的雪花 Similar Snowflake
49 特级裁缝 Special Sewing
50 冬天里的一把火 Winter's Single Flame
51 在雪地里画画吧 Drawing on the Snow Ground
52 喜气洋洋过大年(一)——腊八粥 52 "Porridge with Nuts and Dry Fruits — Delicious
53 喜气洋洋过大年(二)——灶君赐福 Pleasant Goat New Years Series (Two) — Blessing of the Kitchen God
54 喜气洋洋过大年(三)——爆竹声声 Pleasant Goat Joy of Seasons — The Sound of the Firecracker
55 喜气洋洋过大年(四)——开门大吉 Happy Chinese New Year (Four) — Good Luck Opening the Door
56 喜气洋洋过大年(五)——恭喜发财 Happy Chinese New Year (Five) — Kung Hei Fat Choi
57 喜气洋洋过大年(六)——步步高升 Happy Chinese New Year (Six) — Promoted Step by Step
58 喜气洋洋过大年(七)——狮王争霸 Happy Chinese New Year (Seven) — Lion Dance Competition
59 喜气洋洋过大年(八)——闹元宵 Happy Chinese New Year (Eight) — Lantern Festival Celebrations
60 天灾狼祸 Unnatural Disaster
61 沉睡森林 The Sleeping Forest
62 古井奇谈 Scary Story of the Old Well
63 集邮故事 The Stamp Collecting Story
64 懒惰香水 Paddi's Perfume
65 慢羊羊方舟 Enter Slowy's Ark
66 热血拉拉队 The Hot Cheerleaders
67 蜡笔与橡皮檫 Crayon and Eraser
68 知心好友 Good Friends
69 时间刚刚好 Absolute Perfect Timing
70 山妖来了 The Mountain Ghost is Here
71 睡出新纪录 A New Sleeping Record
72 桃源仙境 Peach Garden Fairyland
73 铁齿铜牙灰太狼 Metal Teeth Wolffy
74 完美狼生 Perfect Wolffy
75 我们都是美羊羊 All of Us Are Tibbie
76 小心点再小心点 Be Careful, Be Extra Careful
77 悠闲齿轮 The Leisurely Gear
78 会动的画 A Moving Picture
79 欢乐家庭 Happy Family
80 眼泪花 Tear Flower
81 避考大作战 Escape Plan
82 诚实的烦恼 The Trouble with Being Honest
83 代做摇杆 Remote Control
84 父亲节的礼物 The Father's Day Present
85 好爸爸不易做 It's Hard to Be a Good Father
86 今天我倒霉 I Am So Unlucky Today
87 狼王争霸 Wolf Battle
88 狼王再争霸 Wolf King Battle Again
89 慢羊羊的水壶 Slowy's Water Bottle
90 梦想糖果屋 Candy House Fantasy
91 明星不易造 Not Easy to Be a Celebrity
92 男子汉勋章 Courageous Boy Badge
93 生日快乐 Happy Birthday
94 试大胆 Testing The Nerve
95 我是谁 Who Am I?
96 想要生病不容易 It's Not Easy Being Sick
97 羊有羊性 Goats Have Goat Heart
98 真的英雄 True Hero
99 装病风波 Faking Sickness
100 最佳宠物 The Best Pet

Related Songs

Chinese dub

Opening Theme (OP)

Lyrics and composed by:Ivy Koo, Sung by:Camellia Yang

Ending Theme (ED)

Lyrics by:Lo Wing Keung, Composed by:Liu Nuoqi, Sung by:Bibi Chou

English dub

Theme Song (OP&ED)


  • This season was also broadcast on Disney channels worldwide in many languages (including English) and dialects.