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Original Name 妈妈乐疯狂
Translation Name Love You Babe
Region China
Original run February 12, 2015
Episodes 60
Directed by CPE Directing Group
Written by Wu Chaowei, Shi Jianna, Liu Lifan, Li Disi, Ou Ling, Zeng Lingling, He Zhusen, Guo Peng, Huang Weidong, Chen Junchen, Lu Yiyong, Wang Shu, Luo Wei, Wu Shengqiang, Wu Jiaqi, He Dongmei
Voiced by Zu Qing, Zhang Lin, Liang Ying, Deng Yuting, Liu Hongyun, Gao Quansheng, Zhao Na, Li Tuan
Licensed by Creative Power Entertaining
Linked works Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Love You Babe is the thirteenth season of the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series.


Paddi is in big trouble, because Wolnie has become his mom now! Wolnie was hit by a gene gun and fainted. When she wakes up, she not only believes she is a goat but also mistakes Paddi for her son. Wolnie tries her best to give Paddi all the best food and toys and Paddi lives his life happily with his "mother". Wilie hears that Wolnie may be able to recover her memories if she can try again a gourmet that he cooked before for her. Therefore, with the help of Paddi, Wilie cooks various dishes in order to help Wolnie recover her memory. Life in Goat Village turns out to be a different kind of fun with the new goat member Wolnie.[1]


  • Animation Director: Original Power Director Group
  • Art Director: Wang Yongjian
  • Title design: He Jiawei
  • Ending design: Chen Ziyang
  • Animation director: Guo Rusen, Pu Zhikang, Luo Menghao, Hu Xiaoyi, Li Sihui, He Xiaowei, Mo Zhengyuan, Liang Jiaqi, Cai Yuying, Zhong Peng, Luo Zongqi, Wu Yiwei, Feng Zhihui, Wang Sidan
  • Producers: Cai Ruiqiong, Tan Fei, Yan Liting
  • Production Coordinator: Li Xiaoxia
  • Issued by: Qiu Haiyan, Ding Dan, He Pu, Lu Xiaoting
  • Post editing: Huang Shihong, Sun Caixia, Pan Shuzhen, Wan Zhaolong, Xian Jingwen, Yang Kaiwen, Su Zijun
  • Pre-recording: Kong Zehui
  • Sound production: Guangzhou Yuexiu Ruizhi Animation Design Studio
  • Original works: Huang Weiming, Huang Weijian
  • Editor: Sunny
  • Screenwriters: Wu Chaowei, Shi Jianna, Liu Lifan, Li Disi, Ou Ling, Zeng Lingling, He Zhusen, Guo Peng, Huang Weidong, Chen Junchen, Lu Yiyong, Wang Shu, Luo Wei, Wu Shengqiang, Wu Jiaqi, and Dongmei
  • Producer: Huang Weiming
  • Producer: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd



No. Chinese Title English Title Original air date
1 美食基因枪 Delicacy Gene Gun February 12, 2015
2 妈妈一定要回来 Mom Must Come Back
3 记忆蛋糕 Memory Cake
4 妈妈比较烦 Mom Is Upset
5 儿子的味道 The Taste of Son February 13, 2015
6 神奇妈妈侠 The Magic Heroine-Mom
7 相亲相爱菇 Falling in Love Mushroom
8 漫漫回家路 The Endless Way Home
9 防狼之心不可无 Be Cautious of Wolves February 14, 2015
10 月光光心慌慌 Being Worried in the Moonlight
11 团聚在羊村 Reunion in the Goat Village
12 暖烘烘的心愿 The Wish of Warmth
13 送蛋糕的小男孩 A Little Boy Carries Cakes February 15, 2015
14 我也要吃 I Wanna Eat, Too
15 叠叠糕 Piling Cake February 16, 2015
16 果茶飘香 Smell of Fruit Tea Spreads
17 呼噜之夜 The Night of Snore
18 灰太狼进村啦 Wolffy Is in the Village!
19 苦苦饼 Bitter Cake
20 妈妈爱不完(上) Mama Can’t Stop Loving (First)
21 妈妈爱不完(下) Mommy Can’t Stop Loving (Last) February 17, 2015
22 妈妈铃 Mama Bell
23 美梦小米糕 Beautiful Dream Little Rice Cake
24 送包子 Delivering Buns
25 超龄插班生 Overage Interloper
26 甜蜜蜜 Sweetness
27 回到狼堡 Back to Wolf Fortress February 18, 2015
28 我的妈呀 Oh My God
29 小小食客 Tiny Eater
30 隐形斗篷 Invisible Cloak
31 游乐日 Playdate
32 月下润喉糖 Throat Lozenges Under the Moon
33 芝心音符糖 Stuffed Note Candy February 19, 2015
34 蘑菇姑娘 Mushroom Girl
35 记忆丸子 Memory Pills
36 最精彩的表演 The Best Show
37 我要做好狼 I Want to Be a Good Wolf
38 感应母子装 Sensory Mother and Child Costume
39 再三回忆 Repeated Memories February 20, 2015
40 妈妈侠与羊角狼 Mama Man and Goat Horn Wolf
41 幸福全家福 Happy Family Photo
42 狼形药水 Wolf-Shaped Potion
43 最佳家庭 Best Family February 21, 2015
44 爱的盒饭 Love Box Lunch
45 妈妈侠训练班 Mama Man Training Class February 22, 2015
46 暖羊羊当淑女 Jonie as a Lady
47 星星果 Star Fruit February 23, 2015
48 糊涂妈妈侠 Confused Mama Man
49 权威老师 Authoritative Teacher
50 妈妈做保姆 Mom as a Nanny
51 红太羊博士 Dr. Wolnie Sheep
52 永久居民证 Permanent Resident Card
53 亲子教育 Parent-Child Education February 24, 2015
54 狼羊结盟 Wolf and Sheep Alignment
55 记忆迷宫 Memory Maze
56 狼性难移 Wolf Is Hard to Move
57 真爱难忘 True Love Unforgettable
58 妈妈侠攻村 Mama Man Attack Village
59 草原大变异 Great Grassland Mutation
60 还原基因枪 Restore the Gene Gun

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