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Name 喜羊羊
Birthday May 25
Horoscope ♊Gemini
Eye Color black
Hair Color white
CV Zu Qing
Moe Points
Related Characters
Mother: Lily
Friends: Paddi,Tibbie.Sparky,Jonie,Wolffy

Weslie is one of the main characters of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. He is one of the goats living in Goats' Village and a best friend of Paddi.


Weslie is a goat with white fleece, black eyes. He always wears a golden bell on his neck and blue and white shoes.


Weslie's character is diligent, optimistic, active, strong, brave, smart, and cute, always smiling. In the old version, Wolffy’s conspiracy can be seen by him every time.


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Weslie's bell is from his father, Smarc, when he was young[1]. His parents left Weslie to the Chief, Slowy after they received an SOS message from the Moon.[2]

He has been good friends with Paddi since he was young. Once they played football together, Weslie fell off a cliff accidentally and was saved by Paddi. Weslie made the Hero Medal using a biscuit tin cover for Paddi.[3]

He has saved Gogoa bravely from a wolf's trap. Gogoa has given a water gun to him.[4]

In Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Weslie is a little goat living in the Goats' Village, which is always invaded by the wolves. Weslie is so smart that he is always the first to detect danger and see through Wolffy's tricks. He can always come up with good ideas in the face of danger, but sometimes hurts Wolffy too much. He has beaten Wolffy many times in this season. At the same time, he is an assistant of the Village Chief, Slowy. He sometimes plays pranks, like laying bombs everywhere, making other goats get mad at him. In "Pet Story" (episode 180), he gets his pet named Xixi, a bouncing horse, from Slowy's egg.

In Great War in the Bizarre World

Along with others, Weslie gets into the Bizarre World by accident. There along with other goats, he knows White Handsomey and set out for the Light Item, which can beat the demon in the world, Black Handsomey. They travel the Bee Kingdom, the Frog Kingdom, the Rabbit Kingdom and so on, fighting against Black Handsomey. Finally with the assistance of Wolffy ,they make Black Handsomey a good egg, clarify the World and return the Green Green Grassland. However, Wolffy who owns Black Handsomey's ability want to catch goats, but Weslie fools him giving out his ability to all the animals on the Grassland.

In Pleasant Goat Sports Game

As a player on the Sheep Team, Weslie takes part in many games during the 125th Goat Sports Games. He wins the champions of 3000m Steeplechase and Men's decathlon the long jump and high jump.

During the Sports Game, Weslie also develops friendship with Ben Yangyang from the Tibetan Antelope Team.

In Super Adventure

Slowy's snail is ill, which worries Slowy a lot. Along with the other four goats, Weslie decides to go into the snail's body to check what's wrong with him. On arrival, he gets to know a hybrid germ, Dong Dong (or Dong Dongqiang). However, in order to help him out, they has to serve in the White Bull's army without knowing what's happening. Helping the White Bull Kingdom win the war, they are promoted as colonels.

At last, he forgives Wolffy and his family, recognizing it a brave manner. He sends them a trap-gift instead of killing them.

In Around the World in 20 Days

Weslie travels around the 2010 Shanghai Expo, learning about different cultures.

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This article was originally from page https://xyy.fandom.com/wiki/Weslie#Chronology in Fandom, and the license might be different from English Moegirlpedia. The contents might differ after being modified by different users on both sides. For more information, see Moegirlpedia:Copyrights.

In War of Invention

Weslie's "super gadget" are a pair of shoes which give him super speed.

In Flying Island: The Sky Adventure

Weslie along with other goats plans to travel around the sky. On their way to the sky in their train, Magic Train, Wolffy comes to catch them for Wolnie's birthday in "SkyWolf Wagon". During their argument, the Sky Crystal from the Wolves' Castle sends them to different flying islands in the sky and blends into the goats' bodies, giving them different ability to strengthen Magic Train. Weslie's ability is to slow other objects in a specific area.

Weslie is sent to Tata Town, where he meets the Mechanical Bird. With his help, he repairs the broken Magic Train and sets out to find his companions.

He first arrives in the Weather City. There he meets Paddi there in the Weather Factory where all the weathers on the earth are produced in. When arguing with Wolffy, Weslie breaks the Aurora-fruit by mistake, so he has to plant the fruit again or he cannot leave. Luckily, the aurora-fruit is grown by accident. Then Weslie helps Paddi to practice his skill and helps the Weather Factory to deliver weather fruits. Unfortunately, the Weather Tree is withered by Wolffy. Weslie and Paddi struggle to get back the Weather Seed, which is later eaten by Paddi. Weslie keeps encouraging Paddi to make weather fruits. Eventually they recover the Weather Tree by accident. With Wolffy's help, the Tree is healed and they set off for the next destination.

Along with Paddi, Weslie reaches the Rainbow City and tries hard to find Tibbie, along with the Seven Colored Spirits who often argue with each other. The goats finally teach the Spirits to be considerate and leave. The three goats then get to the Balloon City where they meet Sparky. They try hard to keep the Balloon City safe from the windstorm. Despite failure, Weslie eventually comes up with ideas to escape from the windstorm.

Then they reach the Star Town, where Slowy becomes a baby for eating a kind of fruit by mistake. Slowy is adopted by the Elder Stars. The goats also try to attend to the baby Slowy, just like how he used to take care of them. Weslie along with the goats help to run the Star Theater well, which attracts the Time Star who owns the ability to make someone older. With his help, Slowy is turned back to his old self. But then the goats and the Stars are also babified by Wolffy. Slowy saves them.

Suddenly they notice Jonie in the Star Town, but she is only a Little Cloudman. Jonie's ability is to copy objects' shapes, so she changes all the Little Cloudmen into her own shape and let them go to different flying islands in order to attract other goats' attention, listening to the Cloud Giant's advice. The Sky Crystal is originally something to keep the Cloud-Sea Tunnel. Weslie and other goats arrive in the Cloud-Sea Tunnel and try hard to get the Sky Crystal fragments together.

So Weslie now found all his companions and finished the adventure in the sky.

In Mighty Little Defenders

With Wolffy and The Seven Evil Wolves invading the Goats' Village every day, Weslie starts to consider if it is possible that goats and wolves can coexist peacefully.

Weslie earns the Gun of Defense accidentally when he is cleaning the storehouse up. However, he wouldn't be able to move if he tried to use the gun on full moon nights.

General Wolf comes to catch goats with strong functional chips, which nearly breaks the Defensive Cover of the Goats' Village designed by the senior goat inventor, Gogoa. Weslie finds it has the same logo as his gun, so he knows the gun is also Gogoa's work.

The gun, which can freeze objects, can only be used once a day, so Weslie can only set out to find Gogoa with Slowy and other little goats.

Wolffy who is changed into a dog becomes a spy among the goats. Weslie pets him, calls him Doggy and becomes good friends with him soon. He even helps him many times in danger. When Wolffy receives a letter from his son Wilie, he almost gets exposed to Weslie. But Weslie doesn't read the letter and nothing sensitive is written in the letter either.

The goats split up to find Gogoa, and Weslie tries to fix the wolves' attention on him. However, he can't move faced with Wonky. Luckily, it's already the dawn before he is caught.

Weslie finds Gogoa first. However, his gun is thrown away by Gogoa in the face of Wonky. Thanks to Gogoa's hints, Weslie finds out the reason why Wonky went ballistic, and handles the problem peacefully.

The second wolf master that is sent by General Wolf is Worley. He finally catches all the goats up, but Weslie tries hard to promote his gun and unlocks its second skill, burrowing. So they escape in this way. Later in the battle with Worley, Weslie doesn't realize it's full moon night so he can't move again. Sparky saves him. Weslie remembers seeing Wolffy's shadow but the Doggy comes out.

After Worley is solved, the dog Wolffy turns over the Universal Paint which is used to fix the cracks on the Cover. Weslie suspects the identity of the Doggy, but a shadow in the wolf Wolffy's shape flashing convinces him that the Doggy is not Wolffy.

General Wolf sends Wolfram with a chip that can make mud alive. He prevents the goats from getting the keys to the storehouse which contains another bucket of Universal Paint.

Weslie along with the dog Wolffy meets Wilie, who has taken Wolfram's plane by mistake. Wilie makes three "Friendship Bracelets" with ivy for the dog, Weslie and himself, saying they will be lifelong good friends as long as they put on the bracelets. Later they are trapped in a thornwood, and Wolffy takes risks getting them out of danger.

Weslie's key is stolen by a mudman, but he finally gets his key back. Wolffy's identity and plan to catch Weslie are both known by Wilie, and he has no way to carry out because of Wilie. But finally Wilie clears it and Weslie also knows the dog's identity.

On the other hand, Wolfram keeps creating mudmen in his own shape, but he is so tired that there are so many variations. In order to save his uncle, Wolffy turns to Weslie. Weslie deals with it perfectly with his wisdom, Wolffy admitting not catching goats any longer.

General Wolf who has already turned other kids into wolves goes for Weslie, but Wolffy moved by Weslie helps him beat General Wolf. Weslie fools General Wolf showing the "Chip Removing Machine" which narrowly changes the little goats back but Wolffy is too late to be able to change back into a wolf.

General Wolf sends out "Wolffy Wanted", but Wolffy and Weslie fail to convince other goats that Wolffy who is in danger now is a kind one. Frustrated, Wolffy leaves from the goats, leaving Weslie back.

Weslie, running after Rolly and Raoul to get the Universal Paint back, who are catching Wolffy for General Wolf, meets Wolffy who wants to pass the Wolves' Training Camp to get Wolfherb, which may recover his wolf nature, at the Wolves' Training Camp, where some tests are quite difficult. Weslie and Wolffy have to pull together to deal with the telpher, so they reconciled in this way.

The four gets on the top of the Wolves' Training Camp. Wolffy tries any possible way but it doesn't work. However, Rolly and Raoul go mad after smelling the Wolfherb. Wolffy comes up with an idea and Weslie helps him to carry out, they finally call the brothers back and they remove all the Wolfherb.

Meanwhile, Gogoa, Blady, Slowy, Wonky, Worley and Wolfram are caught by another wolf of the Seven Evil Wolves, Wizard, whose chip's power is to suck up rocks, and later Gogoa's gadgets in his storeroom, to get vicious armour and weapons.

But then the little goats are caught by Darker. He creates his fantasy world for the goats' dream. In this world, Weslie is a wolf hunter who wants to kill all the wolves to avenge Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. Wolffy tries every possible way to make Weslie awake. Weslie realizes that he is Wolffy's good friend rather than the "wolf hunter". Then Weslie and Wolffy pull together to make other goats awake.

After all goats are awake, the goats and Wolffy fight against Darker. Darker uses his powers to get all citizens of the Fantasy World to attack the protagonists. However, Younger Darker appears, not affected by Darker's commands. Darker becomes mad at him and tells him to catch the goats and Wolffy. Younger Darker refuses, saying he only wants to draw. Wolffy appears and tells Darker that the little wolf is him, and Darker leaves, due to him fulfilling his artistic dream.

General Wolf has upgraded his ultimate chip using the Wolfherb from Wolffy's stomach. He can use it to change any other animals into wolves with a wolf's nature. Slowy, Blady and almost all the goats in the Goats' Village have been changed into wolves. Wilie and Wolnie keep the two old goats in a cage and the goats and Wolffy go to Gogoa's recluse in the Wolves' Castle. Weslie listens to Gogoa and General Wolf's talk, knowing they have different memories about something that happened on a full moon night years ago. General Wolf thinks Gogoa attacked him but Gogoa insists he didn't. Found by General Wolf, the other four goats are also changed into wolves. Weslie can only run away with Wolffy.

Weslie, Wolffy and Gogoa set out their way again. On their way, Weslie teaches Wolffy how to select fresh grass, and Wolffy teaches Weslie a wolf's howling that conveys feelings to their beloved ones.

On their way to the Wolves' Castle, General Wolf stops them can traps Weslie and Wolffy in the same cage. He uses Wolfherb to rise Wolffy's wolf nature. Wolffy starts to attack Weslie. However, Weslie makes Wolffy recall their hard time together. Wolffy comes back and they escape together using the gun's burrowing skill.

Weslie deals with General Wolf using his gun without realizing it's full moon night. He can't move but is saved by Wolffy and others. Meanwhile, Weslie enters the world in the gun and finds a virus in it. Everyone is defeated and Wolffy is just dying to fight against General Wolf. At this time, Weslie wakes up and uses the third skill of the gun, mental communication. Weslie shows General Wolf his memories with Wolffy, proving that goats and wolves can indeed coexist peacefully. General Wolf is moved and decides to stop the fight. They remove the virus together and find out its maker, which will be known in the sequel of Mighty Little Defenders, Rescue Across Time.

With everyone's efforts, peaceful coexistence is finally achieved.

In Rescue Across Time

Weslie died in episode 41 but came alive again in episode 42.

In The Intriguing Alien Guests

Weslie's "super gadget" is a pair of shoes which give him super speed.

In Against the Dark Force

Weslie and his friends (except Paddi) turned into cat by Mingri and turned back at episode 21.