Xiao Yu (Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf)

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Name 小雨
Xiao Yu
Eye Color brown
Hair Color black
CV Zhao Na
Moe Points Brother complex, younger sister, young girl, cute, innocent, Bean eyebrow
Status Alive
Related Characters
Elder brother:Xiao Lei(Heizuan)

Xiao Yu is a character from Ultimate Battle: The Next Generation.


Her skin is light pink, her ears have dark pink spots, her hair and eyebrows are purple, and her ears and eyes are light blues, similar in appearance to Bingbing Yang. Wearing a white skirt, blue jacket, blue shoes, and holding a little bear doll from her brother.


Xiao Yu is lively and innocent. He likes her brother very much. He often plays with him. If his brother ignores her, she will think that her brother hates and abandons her.


Originally, she had a good relationship with her brother Xiao Lei, but because Xiao Lei went to see Dr. T and disappeared, she wandered the streets looking for her brother every day.


Xiao Yu appeared in Episode 16, met Weslie, and pointed out that she was looking for her brother. When she met Heizuan, she said that he was her brother. After losing Heizuan, she went to the secret base with Weslie, and told Weslie about her and her brother Xiao Lei: Xiao Lei is a champion of martial arts competition, and the bear doll she brought with her was also made by him, but he went to see one Very powerful people disappeared afterward.

Weslie guessed that Heizuan was Xiao Yu’s elder brother Xiao Lei, and therefore planned to prevent her from seeing Heizuan, but Xiao Yu suddenly met Heizuan. He didn’t know that he was blackened, Xiao Yu played with him as a hideaway, but couldn’t wait for him. . Xiao Yu and Weslie went to the amusement park and pointed out that Xiao Lei once said that eating sweets makes them happy.

   Heizuan tore apart Xiao Yu's bear doll because he thought there were fragments in it. However, Xiao Yu was possessed by the elephant star stone and turned into a giant. His tears are corrosive. The sheep and wolves tried to stop them but failed, but after stitching their bear dolls, she pointed out that as long as Xiao Lei made bear dolls, her tears once forced the sheep and wolves to ruin. In the end, Heizuan recovered part of his memory due to Xiao Yu's corrosive tears and sews a bear doll for him. Only then did Heizuan return to his original form and coma, and an acid rain card appeared.

Episode 20 woke up, in his dream, her brother was beaten by the cold weather. In the same episode, Heizuan suddenly appeared in front of him when he was fighting with the spear, and Heizuan protected her as he fought. The fight continued until the next episode, which was guarded by Weslie, Wolffy, Wilie, and Heizuan in turns. The spear and shield have strengthened a lot after cooperation. Xiao Yu was worried about Heizuan because of Xiao Lei's previous experience, but Heizuan protected her before the spear hurt her and lost his reaction.

In the cave, Xiao Yu dropped a tear on Heizuan's body, making Heizuan regain his memory.

The mysterious men behind planned to reclaim Heizuan. They tried their best to keep it but failed.

Interpersonal relationship

Xiao Yu and Xiao Lei/Heizuan

Before Xiao Lei became a robot Heizuan, he made a bear doll for Xiao Yu and played with her often. He told her that when she was unhappy, she would be happy by eating sweets.

After he became Heizuan, all his memories of Xiao Yu disappeared, so he wouldn't bother Xiao Yu. Even if he becomes a robot, Xiao Yu still recognizes her and tries to let her take care of her many times, but to no avail, because she abandons her and hates herself. Later, Heizuan tore the Xiao Yu doll, and Xiao Yu hated it and mutated it. Later, Xiao Yu's tears were cast on Heizuan's head to restore part of his memory and repair the doll. Later, I will see these memories from time to time, protect her during the fight, and finally lose reaction to protect her.

He was later restored by Xiao Yu's tears. At the last moment of Heizuan, he called her "sister". When Yingzi came to reclaim Heizuan, she tried her best to let him stay but failed.

Xiao Yu and Weslie

They ran into each other on the road. Weslie felt that she looked like Bingbing Yang. He knew that she was looking for her brother and asked for his information, and the answer was the same as that of Bingbing Yang. She recognized Heizuan as her elder brother, fell and was injured while chasing him, and then went to the secret base with Xiao Yu, learned about her and her brother, and helped her find her brother. After learning that her brother was Heizuan, she wanted to protect him from being injured by Heizuan.