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Mighty Goat Squad English.png
Mighty Goat Squad English poster.png
Original Name 羊羊趣冒险
Translation Name Mighty Goat Squad
Region China
Original run August 1, 2020 (Season 1)
November 26, 2021 (Season 2)
Episodes 26 (Season 1&2)
Directed by Liang Jiaqi (Season 1)
Hu Dan (Season 2)
Written by Li Disi, Huang Zexuan (Season 1)
Liang Zikai, Huang Wenji, Liu Wei (Season 2)
Music by LightBox Music (Season 2)
Voiced by Zu Qing, Zhang Lin, Liang Ying
Licensed by Creative Power Entertaining
State Creative Power Entertaining
Linked works Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

"Mighty Goat Squad" is the 33rd part of the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series of animations created by Creative Power Entertaining, the eleventh spin-off, and also a commemorative 15th anniversary series and the first 3D drama series. The first season was premiered on Aniworld on August 1, 2020, and on the same day on the Internet platforms.

The second season was premiered on Aniworld at 17:45 on November 26, 2021[1], and broadcast on the Internet platform on the same day.


On July 26, 2018, Alpha announced the production decision of the new chapter "New Pleasant Goat Fun Class", announcing that it will adopt 3D production, and it is expected to start broadcasting in 2019. And will be distributed globally. Creative Power Entertaining also participated in the 2018 MIPCOM with this film and "Mighty Little Defenders" and "Fun Alliance". On March 5, 2019, Creative Power Entertaining announced the title of "New Pleasant Goat Fun Class" "Mighty Goat Squad" in a promotional video uploaded on YouTube on March 5, 2019. "Mighty Little Defenders" participated in 2019 Filmart.

Although this series is positioned for children, it is not based on preschool education as the "Pleasant Goat Fun Class" series, but has a clear and complete storyline.


Weslie and his buddies use Wolffy's invention to transform into mini sheep and ride on the cool car Slowy gives them to go to the microscopic world and help everyone solve various problems. The goats also learn to see the world from a different perspective and treat every little creature well in their adventure.

Animation Production



First Season

  • Art Director: Liang Shuting, Yu Zhuojun, Chen Yuanyuan
  • Art design: Wang Wei, Jiang Yu, Chen Qian, Xu Zhuojie, Li Shiyu, He Jieyin, Wang Jianhao, Mai Wanxia, ​​Lin Longhua, Huang Jiajun, Cen Yilin, Fang Bintao, Chen Chunpei, Luo Jiaxiang, Xu Shuxian
  • Storyboard design: Xiang Jiajun, Qin Xiaofeng, Li Feilong, Zhang Caihui, Huang Xinying, Liang Chaojie, He Yingqiang, Liang Xilun, He Zihua, Su Zehua, Zheng Manying, Li Lefang
  • Three-dimensional production: Zhang Cheng, Yin Runzhong, Lan Qichao, Tang Wuqiang, Wang Xin, Li Yingqi, Wang Jialu, Gong Cun, Lao Yunyu, Ou Qingchuan, Qiu Yuechang
  • Producers: Cai Ruiqiong, Zhang Xian, Su Wanzi, Yan Liting
  • Production Coordinator: Li Zhongying, Ma Yanni, Guo Sien, Ren Li
  • Media distribution: Qiu Haiyan, Ding Dan
  • Promotion: Liang Yanni, Guan Xiaowen, Feng Xiaoping, Liang Zhicheng
  • Marketing promotion: Xue Wenjun, Zhuang Xuelian
  • Post-production: Sun Caixia, Xian Jingwen, He Yuqing, Qian Shihong, Wu Xueli, Wan Zhaolong, Wang Jiahao
  • Sound production: Liao Jianping, Zhang Haitao, Kuang Yingqi, Ma Xinyi, Zhang Haoyuan, Xu Jingjing
  • Audio Director: Ren Qiang, Kuang Yingqi, Bei Le
  • Recording: Liao Jianping, Liang Feifan
  • Audio Coordinator: Anna, Ding Xin
  • Motion effects/mixing: Liao Jianping, Shaoqin
  • Editors: Shi Jianna, Liu Wei
  • Screenwriter: Li Disi, Huang Zexuan
  • Director: Liang Jiaqi
  • Producer: Huang Xiaoxue
  • Production and distribution: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd.
  • Publisher: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd.

Second Season

  • Art Director: Yu Zhuojun
  • Art design: Wang Wei, Jiang Yu, Liang Yaorong, Ye Zhibin, Lin Longhua, Wang Jianhao, Huang Jiajun, Chen Qian, Zhang Rui
  • Storyboard design: Xiang Jiajun, Chen Yulin, Huang Xinying, Liang Chaojie, Yang Heming, Zhao Jingwei, Zhang Caihui, Luo Wencheng
  • Three-dimensional production: Yin Runzhong, Tang Wuqiang, Wang Xin, Li Yingqi, Wang Jialu, Gong Cun, Deng Jindong, Li Jialin, Zhang Cheng, Xu Lisha, Cao Jianhui, Ma Yuanze, Zhong Wolin, Ding Xiaorui, Han Ye, Wang Hao, Liu Chuting, Huang Jiawen, Huang Junzhao, Chen Haobin, Liu Zhanliang, Chen Huajun, Xu Wenting, Huo Ruiyan, Zhong Shoujie, Pan Sang Lychee, Wei Long, He Jinchang, Jin Jin, He Guang, Bai Xuepeng, Kuang Xiaoxiao, He Jiajun, Ye Jialiang, Huang Yuzhen
  • Producers: Cai Ruiqiong, Zhang Xian, Su Wanzi, Yan Liting, Hou Zhiyun, Li Chunying, Ou Minhong
  • Media distribution: Qiu Haiyan, Ding Dan
  • Promotion: Liang Yanni, Guan Xiaowen, Feng Xiaoping
  • Marketing: Xu Wanying
  • Post-production: Sun Caixia, Xian Jingwen, Wu Xueli, Lan Qichao, Huang Shihong, Huang Ziyin, Yu Jieqi
  • Sound production: Guangdong Xianwu Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
    Beile, Wang Shaoqin, Li Lin, Manobei, Wei Ran, Zhou Yuanzhe
  • Audio Director: Kuang Yingqi, Bei Le
  • Recording: Miao Haibiao
  • Audio Coordinator: Kuang Yingqi
  • Motion effects/mixing: Wang Shaoqin, Bei Yue
  • Original music: LightBox Music
  • Composer: He Jun
  • Producer: Zhan Zhuoan
  • Lyricist: LightBox Music
  • Editors: Liu Wei, Guo Minqi, Guo Peng
  • Screenwriters: Liang Zikai, Huang Wenji, Liu Wei
  • Director: Hu Dan
  • Producer: Huang Xiaoxue
  • Chief Planning: Huang Weiming
  • Production and distribution: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd.
  • Publisher: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd.


Total No. No. Chinese Title English Translation Original air date
Season 1
1 羊羊行动队,出发 Mighty Goat Squad, Set Off August 1, 2020
2 树上的回忆 Memories on the Tree
3 调皮虫宝宝 Mischievous Baby Caterpillar
4 追寻小水母 Searching for the Little Jellyfish
5 孤独番茄蛙 Lonely Toma-Toad August 2, 2020
6 小灰灰的伙伴 Wilie's Partner
7 蜜蜜去哪儿 Where Did Mimi Go?
8 寻找泥球 Looking for the Dung Balls
9 蜗牛快递 Snail Express August 3, 2020
10 盒子里的小羊 Goats in the Box
11 勇敢的探险家 The Brave Explorer
12 父亲的担忧 Father's Worries
13 疯狂的球藻 Crazy Chlorella August 4, 2020
14 小英雄懒羊羊 Paddi the Little Hero
15 夜空中的星 The Stars in the Night Sky
16 酸奶风波 Yogurt Wave
17 古怪新邻 Strange New Neighborhood August 5, 2020
18 遗失的手链 Lost Bracelet
19 小刺猬的烦恼 The Trouble of the Little Hedgehog
20 舞会危机 Dance Party Crisis
21 消失的游戏机 The Disappearing Game Console August 6, 2020
22 给妈妈的礼物 Gift for Mother
23 小虫大变身 Little Worm Transformation
24 采花粉 Pollen
25 昆虫丰收节 Insect Harvest Festival August 7, 2020
26 拯救行动队 Save the Mighty Squad
Season 2
27 1 勇闯弹珠台 Venture into Pinball November 26, 2021
28 2 蟋蟀乐队 The Band of Crickets
29 3 破冰救援 Icebreaker Rescue
30 4 三只蟋蟀 Three Crickets
31 5 臭气谜团 Stinky Mystery November 27, 2021
32 6 我是演员 I Am an Actor
33 7 懒羊羊的“小”危机 Paddi’s “Little” Crisis
34 8 热心蝉大哥 The Enthusiastic Cicada Brother
35 9 神秘大侠 Mysterious Warrior November 28, 2021
36 10 空中大营救 The Great Rescue in the Air
37 11 美食节狂欢 Food Festival Carnival
38 12 大侠的鼓励 Encouragement of the Warrior
39 13 赛车道狂飙 Racing Track Rampage November 29, 2021
40 14 夏日的噪声 Summer Noise
41 15 奇妙惊喜屋 Wonderful Surprise House
42 16 村长的智慧 Village Chief’s Wisdom
43 17 爱护小车 Take Care of the Little Car November 30, 2021
44 18 意外的火灾 Accidental Fire
45 19 避暑之计 The Plan to Avoid the Summer Heat
46 20 神秘岛漂流记 Mysterious Island Drifting
47 21 失踪的蟋蟀 The Missing Cricket December 1, 2021
48 22 魔术大逃脱 Magic Escape
49 23 蜗牛快递赛 Snail Express Race
50 24 换车大乌龙 The Great Car Swap
51 25 爸爸的承诺 Daddy’s Promise December 2, 2021
52 26 火山大爆发 Volcano Eruption

Related Music

title song (OP)

Sung by Chen Haodong
Written and composed by: Na Yulin

End credits (ED)

Composer: Na Yulin

interlude (IN)

The following song song title is unknown. Composer
He Jun, Lyricist: LightBox Music.
  • (Season 2, Episode 2)
  • (Season 2, Episode 8)

Related news

  • Although it is claimed to be for the toddler group, it has unexpectedly received rave reviews from non-toddler fan groups for its similarities in plot to earlier episodes and its use of classic BGM such as "Smart Dodging" and "Paddi the Amazing Chef": "Master Youth Back", "Close your eyes and it's the first generation", "So little, haven't seen enough", "Official Renaissance", etc.
  • The 3D model of the lead group's nine-member "Mighty Goat Squad" version debuted in the children's song and dance program "Listen to Me" at the 2021 Central Broadcasting Station Spring Festival Gala.
  • Unlike previous episodes, there was no official promotion before the second season was set to air, not even a sign that it was going to premiere.
  • The second season of Mitu uploaded episodes at least two hours before the official airing.
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Chronology of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf animation series
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