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Dear Little Wish
Original Name 羊羊小心愿
Translation Name Dear Little Wish
Region China
Original run July 30, 2014
Episodes 60
Directed by CPE Directing reoup
Written by Wu Yingying, Jiang Zehong, Liu Xiang, Yin Minhui, Jiang Dan
Voiced by Zu Qing, Zhang Lin, Liang Ying, Deng Yuting, Liu Hongyun, Gao Quansheng, Zhao Na, Li Tuan
Licensed by Creative Power Entertaining
State Creative Power Entertaining
Linked works Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Dear Little Wish (Chinese: 羊羊小心愿) is the eleventh season of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series.


The story is designed to encourage people to help each other. Using the "wish bomb", the goats has shot down Grandpa Meteor who is about to retire. As soon as the residents on Green grassland hear the news, they all rush out of their rooms to meet Grandpa Meteor, hoping that he would help them fulfill their wishes. Grandpa Meteor wrote down everybody's wishes on papers and put the papers into bottles to hung them up on the Wishing Tree. The bottles light up like neon lights and when the wishes are fulfilled, they light out. However Grandpa Meteor was too old to finish this tough task on his own, the goats then start to help each other achieving its wishes. [1]


  • Animation Director: Creative Power Entertaining Director Group
  • Art Director: Chen Yuanyuan
  • Title design: Wang Yongjian, Yi Juanjuan, Li Ruiyun, He Jiawei
  • Ending design: Wang Yongjian, He Jiawei, Li Ruiyun, Yi Juanjuan
  • Animation director: Chen Jianwei, Guo Rusen, Pu Zhikang, Zou Peijun, Hu Xiaoyi, Zhong Peng, Liang Jiazhen, Cai Yuying, Liang Jiaqi, Ouyang Minyi
  • Producers: Cai Ruiqiong, Tan Fei, Yan Liting
  • Production Coordinator: Li Xiaoxia
  • Release: Li Lisi, Qiu Haiyan, Ding Dan, He Pu, Lu Xiaoting
  • Post editing: Huang Shihong, Sun Caixia, Pan Shuzhen, Xian Jieping, Wan Zhaolong, Huang Feng, Xian Jingwen
  • Sound production: Ruizhi Animation Design Studio, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
  • Editor: Jiang Dan
  • Screenwriters: Wu Yingying, Jiang Zehong, Liu Xiang, Yin Minhui, Jiang Dan
  • Director: Creative Power Entertaining Director Group
  • Producer: Lin Yuting
  • Production and distribution: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd.
  • Producer: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd.





No. Chinese Title English Title[2] original air date
1 流星驾到 The Meteor Has Come To Town July 30, 2014
2 村长也有愿望 The Village Chief Has A Wish Too
3 我是一只有耐心的羊 I'm A Patient Goat
4 和美丽焰火合影 A Photograph With The Beautiful Fireworks
5 谁是最美丽的羊 Who Is The Fairest Goat Of All?
6 大明星 Superstar July 31, 2014
7 美好的一天 A Wonderful Day
8 英雄小飞机 The Heroic Little Plane
9 让包♯♯♯睡个好觉 Let Lord Bao Enjoy A Good Sleep
10 狼堡翻修大作战 The Battle Of The Wolf's Refurbished Fortress
11 鸡蛋碰石头 The Eggs Against The Rock August 1, 2014
12 我要当一天弟弟 I Want To Be The Younger Brother For A Day
13 重振雄风 Making A Comeback August 2, 2014
14 神箭手小灰灰 The Legendary Archer, Little Grey Wolf
15 我爱香蕉船 I Love Banana Boat August 3, 2014
16 想学游泳的香太狼 Fragrant Wolf Wants To Learn To Swim
17 跨越彩虹 Travel Across The Rainbow
18 老虎也是猫 A Tiger Is A Cat Too
19 披着羊皮的狼 A Wolf In Disguise
20 流星爷爷回家 Grandpa Meteor Is Going Home
21 小流星的思念 Little Meteor Is Missing Grandpa August 4, 2014
22 愿望之城一日游 A Day Trip To The City Of Wishes
23 沙漠花海 A Sea Of Flower In The Desert
24 远方的笔友 Pen Pal From Afar
25 骑鲸记 Riding A Whale
26 流星雨 Meteor Rain August 5, 2014
27 草原之王 King Of The Prairie
28 校长的办公桌 The Principal's Desk
29 鸡妈妈的幼儿园 Mother Hen's Kindergarten
30 名副其实的小乖乖 Little Docile Goat
31 盛开在天空的花朵 Flowers That Blossom In The Sky August 6, 2014
32 宇宙球王 The Soccer King Of The Universe
33 永恒的白天 The Eternal Day
34 重拾记忆中的礼物 Retrieve The Gift Of Memory
35 狼王争夺战 The Battle Of The King Of Wolves
36 我的配角生涯 My Life Playing Second Fiddle August 7, 2014
37 滑雪 Skiing
38 月亮摇篮 The Moon Cradle
39 萤火虫花环 The Firefly Garland
40 神奇的水晶法杖 The Amazing Crystal Staff
41 永远美丽的美羊羊 The Eternally Beautiful Pretty Goat August 8, 2014
42 我的巨型胡萝卜 My Jumbo Carrot
43 我要吃素 I Want To Be A Vegetarian August 9, 2014
44 与偶像同台演出 Joining My Idol On Stage
45 空中餐厅 The Restaurant In The Sky August 10, 2014
46 重回热带丛林 Returning To The Tropical Forest
47 秘密 A Secret
48 羊村的早餐 Breakfast At The Goat's Village
49 云朵三件套 The Three Cloud Pieces
50 光源艺术家 The Lighting Artist
51 我不唱歌 I Don't Sing August 11, 2014
52 寻找星妈 Finding Starry's Mother
53 补牙 Tooth-Filling
54 精彩日记 Exciting Diary
55 我要回家 I Want To Go Home
56 无尽的智慧 Endless Wisdom August 12, 2014
57 风的歌唱 The Song Of The Wind
58 智能星仔大变身 Smart Starry Upgrade
59 狼和羊(上) The Wolf And The Goat Part 1
60 狼和羊(下) The Wolf And The Goat Part 2

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Theme Song (OP&ED)

Lyrics by, composed by and sung by:Purple Lee


  2. Taken from Some characters' names are not official translation of CPE here.