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Pleasant Goat Sports Game YOUKU KV2018.jpg
Original Name 羊羊运动会
Translation Name Pleasant Goat Sports Game
Region China
Original run October 23, 2008
Episodes 60
Directed by Huang Weiming
Written by Wu Shengqiang
Voiced by Zu Qing, Zhang Lin, Liang Ying, Deng Yuting, Liu Hongyun, Gao Quansheng, Zhao Na, Yan Yanzi
Licensed by Creative Power Entertaining
Linked works Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Pleasant Goat Sports Game (Chinese: 羊羊运动会) is the second season of the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf series.


Goats from various tribes gather together on the Green-Green Grassland to participate in the magnificent 125th Goats Sports Games. There are many strong competitors such as the Argali, the speedy Tibetan antelopes, and the flexible robot goats. Events like shooting, aquatics and Ping-Pong all took place and challenged the competitors. Knowing that whoever wins the games could become the leader of the goats, Wolffy and his wife disguised as goats to take part. Who will be the final winner?[1]


  • Character Design: Yingkang Luo, Weiming Huang
  • Animation Technical Director: Hui-Yen Chen, Wei-Wei Li
  • 3D Animation: Hui-Xian Xie, Yun-Long Lu, Yi-Wei Wu
  • Animation Team Leader: Huang Xiaoxue
  • Animation Design: Rui Zhongyi, Zhang Li, Huang Xinhui, Zhang Huiying, Liang Weiji
  • Post-editing: Huang Shihong, Li Wenxi, Xiao Wenjie, Li Liting, Sun Caixia
  • Technical Director: Lee Ka Yin
  • Production Coordinator: CHOI Shui-king
  • Screenwriter: Ng Shing Keung
  • Editor: Wong Wai Kin
  • Director: Wong Wai Ming
  • Executive Producer: Liu Man Yi
  • Distributor: Liz Lai, Qiu Haiyan, Wen Shao Ming
  • Advertising Planning Agency: Guangzhou Suren Advertising Co.
  • Audio and Video Distribution: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd.
  • Supporting Environment: EATware
  • Production: Creative Power Entertaining Co., Ltd.
  • Audio Production:Consistent Digital


  • Weslie:Zu Liqing
  • Tibbie:Deng Yuting
  • Paddi:Liang Ying
  • Sparky:Liu Hongyun
  • Jonie:Deng Yuting
  • Slowy:Gao Quansheng
  • Blady:Zhang Lin
  • Planey:Zu Qing
  • Wolffy:Zhang Lin
  • Wolnie:Zhao Na
  • Wilie:Liang Ying
  • Huyou Laoyang: Gao Quansheng
  • Ben Yangyang: Liu Hong Yun
  • Antelope Princess: Zhao Na
  • Blady: Zhang Lin
  • Xiao Daoyang: Yan Yanzi, Zhao Na
  • Patriarch: Gao Quansheng
  • Jay: Wei Baobao
  • Wonky:Gao Quansheng
  • Worley:Gao Quansheng
  • Wizard:Deng Yuting
  • Darker:Zu Qing
  • Black Handsomey: Gao Quansheng
  • Stacy: Yan Yanzi
  • Slowy's mom: Yan Yanzi
  • Eggy:Zu Liqing
  • Big Humphrey: Quan-Sheng Gao
  • Tai Ge: Quan-Sheng Gao
  • Flat Beak Allen: Quan-Sheng Gao
  • Transforming Rabbit: Yan Yanzi


No. Chinese Title English Title
1 选拔圣火手 Selection of the Holy Flame Bearer
2 圣火传递 Flame Relay
3 开幕典礼 Inauguration Ceremony
4 地下世界来的贵宾 Vips From the Underground World
5 足球赛 Soccer Tournament
6 混入黑羊队 Black Sheep Team
7 魔鬼训练 Devil’s Training
8 定向子弹 Targeted Bullets
9 射击比赛 Shooting Competition
10 对决机械羊 Dueling Mechanical Sheep
11 怕水运动员 Fear of Water Athletes
12 完美一跳 Perfect Jump
13 被抛弃的冠军 Abandoned Champion
14 村长也疯狂 Mr. Chief Is Also Crazy
15 外籍兵团 Expatriate Corps
16 试探军情 Test Military Intelligence
17 决赛,出剑吧! The Final, Let’s Go to the Sword!
18 无缘夺冠 No Chance to Win the Championship
19 不一样的角斗 A Different Kind of Jousting
20 苦战盘羊 A Bitter Battle With a Pan Sheep
21 她是盘羊 She Is a Sheep
22 午夜号鸣 Midnight Bugle
23 决战斗角场 Duel in the Corner
24 好心办坏事 Good Intentions Do Bad Things
25 失去信心 Losing Faith
26 狼口脱险 Out of the Wolf’s Mouth
27 一场没有观众的决赛 A Final Game Without an Audience
28 嫉妒的羚羊公主 The Jealous Antelope Princess
29 乌盆洗手 Washing Hands in a Pot
30 勇救红太狼 Saving Wolnie
31 体操王子 Prince of Gymnastics
32 哥哥你在哪 Where Are You, Brother?
33 亢奋胡萝卜 Hyperactive Carrot
34 胜者为王 Winner Is King
35 金球拍 Golden Racket
36 真冠军 True Champion
37 喜羊羊带伤夺冠 Weslie Wins the Championship With Injury
38 灰太狼裁判 Wolffy Referee
39 盘羊的请求 Argali’s Request
40 暖羊羊的抉择 Jonie’s Choice
41 族长的一天 Patriarch’s Day
42 族长失窃案 Patriarch’s Theft Case
43 麻烦的族长 The Troubled Patriarch
44 南瓜饼金牌 Pumpkin Pie Gold Medal
45 真假族长 The Real Patriarch
46 我才是族长 I Am the Patriarch
47 丛林追捕 The Jungle Chase
48 给诚实者的金牌 The Gold Medal for the Honest
49 众狼出击 The Wolves Strike
50 烈火焚原 Burning Fire
51 逃出金刚罩 Escape From the Vajra
52 身陷裂谷 Trapped in the Rift Valley
53 水漫大峡谷 Flooding the Grand Canyon
54 向世外草原进军 Marching to the World Wide Grassland
55 铁人三项赛 Iron Man Triathlon
56 再见机械羊 Goodbye Mechanical Sheep
57 怒攻狼堡 Wolf Fortress
58 绝地大反击 The Great Comeback
59 最后一块金牌 The Last Gold Medal
60 族长的加冕 Coronation of the Patriarch

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Lyrics by, Composed by, Sung by: Ivy Koo
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