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MonsterZ MATE
MonsterZ MATE.jpg
Name MonsterZ MATE
Other Names MZM
From Where YouTube
Activity Scope YouTube
Symbolic Color
  1. 0ca7f5・
  2. fd4ae5
Character Designer Touco Shino (@touco_shino)
Fandom Emoji 🐺/💉🦇
Agency upd8
Fandom Tag #MZM
Related Characters Yoruko Burbank, Ginga Alice, Hima Shokudo
メイト —!!

MonsterZ MATE are a Japanese VTuber duo under the agency Balus, which debuted on May 5, 2018. In October 12, 2018, they announced their affiliation with the agency upd8.


The werewolf Anjo, who is a vocalist in a band, and the vampire Kosaka, who is a rapper, live together in the second room at Ochanomizu Station Hall 1 in order to realize their dream of becoming musicians and understanding human society. They became roommates in a shared room.

Every day, while working part-time, they talk about their love for anime and manga, play games they are interested in, and have a leisurely life.

Until one day, by chance, the two who were originally engaged in music activities formed a group called "MonsterZ MATE" and began to produce original music...

Although from the introduction of the music-based activity group, in addition to the usual release of original songs, interesting short videos are also uploaded, with topics such as recent popular manga, daily chats, quiz shows guest starring other VTubers, quiz and punishment games, etc.



Anjo 常服.png
Anjo live.png
Real Name Anjo Daisuke (アンジョーダイスケ)[1][2]
Species Werewolf
Birthplace Kyoto, moved to Hyogo at age 5
Age Claims not to remember
Likes Meat, beef
Dislikes Natto, blue cheese, cilantro (overcame it)
Motto ??
Good at imitating Frieza and Gohan
On his roommate Noisy all the time, talking all the time (laughs)
The mind turns quickly, and when faced with the things that are liked, it will directly pursue
I also have a sense of empathy, and although I had a completely different sense of music, they were very interesting to each other.
Introduction He seems to be a cool-headed guy...
But he is always defeated by his unintentional behavior.
Kosaka 常服.png
Kosaka live.png
Real Name Yurumira von Kosaka (ユルミラー•ヴァン•コーサカ)[3][2]
Species Vampire (His grandfather moved to Japan)
Birthplace Romania
Age 100?
Height 1.65m
Likes Garlic (cultured by the family), red beetle, etc.
Dislikes Japanese ginger, coriander (not considered food)
Motto "Adversity makes a man wise"
Good at imitating Donald Duck
On his roommate Thinks Anjo has a small brain.
Introduction The sociable one of MZM, very outgoing personality, typical stupid male high school student.
In addition to the video submission method of MZM's main activities, he also actively participates in the live broadcasts of other VTubers.
Has frequent interactions with other VTubers on Twitter.


November 17It was announced they will join the creator group "Be" under Sony Music.[4]


  • In the early days, MZM was often misunderstood as a male duo VTuber project that was "female-oriented at first sight". However, the content is actually very diverse and interesting project content with no particular preference, such as popular games, chatting about manga and anime, and quiz videos which guest star other VTubers. Because they was often misunderstood, they were not well-known at first, until they were invited by Utai Meika and Tenkai Tsukasa to the "VTuber Kohaku Uta Gassen" to show the public their musical skills and their interesting side, thus changing the public's impression. They are now loved by audiences regardless of gender. Therefore, they also maintain a friendly relationship with Tsukasa, and Tsukasa is also jokingly called the third member of MZM.[5]
  • Anjo once tried to carry out the quiz plan revenge challenge as always when his partner Kosaka was drunk, and verified the competition of "even an idiot can win while returning from drinking", and the result was of course...
  • Kosaka once talked about his experience starting out as a VTuber at a VTuber cocktail party, see below for details.[6]


Their work is released by Universal Music Japan under the brand Virgin Music.

Digital singles

Number Release Date Title
1st May 19, 2019 Sennen Ai / 千年愛
2nd August 28, 2019 Diver×Diver
3rd December 9, 2019 Beep☆CARAMEL
4th June 28, 2020 Last Judgement


Number Release Date Title
1st May 8, 2019 MZM
2nd October 28, 2020 255
3rd October 28, 2021 WalkerZ


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