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奥特赛文 立绘.png
Real Name Ultraseven (ウルトラセブン)
Voice Actor Osamu Saka
Kohji Moritsugu
Shigeharu Matsuda
Saburo Shinoda
Moe Points father
Tribe Red
Birthplace Land of Light, M78 Nebula
Transformation Item Ultra Eye
Human Host Dan Moroboshi (played by Kohji Moritsugu)
Suit Actor Koji Uenishi
Eiichi Kikuchi
Related Characters Ultraman
Ultraman Leo
Ultraman Zero (son)
Ultraman Z

Ultraseven is a character in the Ultra Series created by Tsuburaya Productions.


Ultraseven Cards 01

Ultraseven Cards 02

Profile and Data

Like the original Ultraman, Tsuburaya originally planned it as a stand-alone work, but then it was changed into a continuation, and the Ultraman series began.

He was originally Stationary Post Observer No. 340 from the Land of Light in the M78 Nebula. He came to the solar system to make a planetary orbit map. When he found that Earth was in trouble, he chose to stay on Earth and fight to protect it. Ultraseven's opponents are terrifying monsters, intelligent and insidious aliens and space combat robots. Later, due to the long-term battles, Seven's physical condition deteriorated. After defeating Pandon, he flew away from Earth, and then stationed in the Land of Light, often helping other Ultra Brothers when they needed help.

In the Land of Light, he works as a civilian, he is from the Red Ultra tribe, and he is good at brain warfare. Like his other brothers-in-arms, he lost his parents as a child and was raised by his sister.

When he rescued the young Jiro Satsuma, he was moved by the deeds, so he modeled his own human body after him, and became active on Earth under the alias of Dan Moroboshi. He then joined the Ultra Guard. Unlike the first Ultraman's human host, Shin Hayata, Moroboshi is an original form he took. In the TV series, he cooperated with the members of the Ultra Guard many times to complete tasks, similar to the original Ultraman.

Ultraseven is the first Ultra who can change his body size at will (miniature ability). Other abilities are also more special, such as allowing capsule monsters as partners to assist in combat and so on. He has strong mind manipulation, which can be seen from its proficiency in using his Slugger (Slugger fighting requires extremely strong mind power, so it can be seen that the mind power of Seven 21, Max and Zero is also much higher than normal Ultraman).


  • He is the first Ultra Warrior to own a Slugger.
  • Ultraseven is very proficient in beam techniques, and its number ranks second in the Showa period, second only to the Ultraman Ace.
  • Seven and Ace were both "guillotine princes" in the Showa era, and both of them ended the battle by cutting their opponents many times during the battle. The only difference is that Seven uses Sluggers to cut, while Ace uses various beam techniques with cutting effects.[note 1]
  • Among the Ultra Brothers, Seven is the one with the most detailed knowledge of the universe.
  • Seven's Color Timer is a green energy light (sometimes blue) on the forehead, which will flicker and dim with a low sound when the energy is insufficient.
  • Seven made a cameo appearance on all Showa Ultraman shows except the original series and his own (excluding the anime The☆Ultraman).
  • He is the first Ultra to use the monsters to aid him in battle. Ultraseven's partners are usually inside capsules. As a human, he can throw the capsules and summon the corresponding monster partners to fight, or take them back.
  • Seven is one of the few Ultras who can still maintain combat ability in the frozen area.
  • Seven currently owns a total of 6 Capsule Monsters. Among them, 3 appeared on TV, one was lost in the confrontation with Icarus, and one was obtained from Jack on Ultraman Leo.
  • He was named Ultraseven because he was considered the seventh member of the Ultra Guard. It is his name on Earth and not its official name. The real name in the Land of Light is a mystery except for his designation: Stationary Post Observer No. 340.


Ultraman STORY 0

  • Originally an ordinary person in the Land of Light, after the Plasma Spark Tower was manipulated to emit strange light, he evolved into an Ultra Warrior with powerful fighting ability.
  • Tired of fighting after the war against Alien Babarue and the Interstellar Union, he volunteered to be a Star Observer.

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  • In order to make a planetary orbit map, he came to the solar system from the distant Star of Ultra, and went to solve the problem when he found that the earth was invaded. In order to protect the earth from the invasion of aliens, he incarnated as a human named Dan Moroboshi and stayed on the Earth. In the final episode, he was forced to return to his home planet for treatment due to physical discomfort.
  • In the eighteenth chapter of Return of Ultraman, "Ultraseven Appears!", he gave Ultraman Jack the Ultra Bracelet, and in the thirty-eighth chapter "When the Star of Ultra Shines", he and the original Ultraman go to help Jack who is in trouble.
  • In the Ultraman Ace episode "Shine! The Five Ultra Brothers", while going to Earth he and his brothers revived Seiji Hokuto and Yuko Minami by combining them so that they could be transformed into Ace. After that, he often went to Earth to assist Ace in combat.
  • In the Ultraman Taro episode "Like the Sun, Mother of Ultra", he and the other Ultra Brothers helped the Mother of Ultra to give Taro's life to Kotaro. After that, he was also active by Taro's side with the other Ultra Brothers.
  • In the Ultraman Leo episode "Tokyo is Sinking!", he came to Earth again, and his leg was broken during the battle with the twin monsters Red and Black Gilas. After the injury, the Ultra Eye shattered, and Moroboshi could not transform back into Seeven (At this time, the Ultra Psychokinesis could still be used, but this will greatly deplete his energy).
  • After he was unable to fight, he entrusted Leo with the task of protecting the earth, and trained Leo in a very Spartan way to grow into a warrior who could stand on his own.
  • In the Ultraman Leo episode "Horror disk creature series! MAC annihilation! The disk was a creature!", All members ofMAC were attacked by the disc creature Silverbloome on the space station, and their whereabouts are unknown. Returns during the time of Mebius.
  • Five years after 80 and Yullian left the Earth, he, together with Ultraman, Jack, and Ace, in order to stop the resentment of Yapool - U-Killer Saurus attacked the Earth, instead of After a hard battle on the moon, Saurus was defeated and fell to the seabed of Kobe. In order to prevent Saurus from recovering, Seven and his brothers used the "Ultimate Cross Barrier" to seal the evil force. (The movie Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers is a continuation of this plot.)
  • After sealing Saurus, the Ultra Brothers chose to stay on Earth because they didn't have much energy left. Ultraseven (Dan) lives on a ranch in Kobe while herding sheep.
  • In Ultraman Mebius, in order to help Mebius, he transformed into an Ultra Warrior again, and then cooperated with Mebius and GUYS to defeat Grozam.
  • In Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends, Together with Ultraman, he survived thefeeezing of the Land of Light caused by Ultraman Belial, and then the two went to the Monster Graveyard to fight Belial. After the incident, he met his son Ultraman Zero.[note 2]
  • In Ultraman Saga, in order to allow Saga to deal with Hyper Z-Ton more attentively, he, Ultraman, Jack, Ace, and Leo go to another universe to fight monsters.
  • In the Ultraman Orb movie, he appeared at the last minute to help Ultraman Orb fight against Sardis
  • In Ultra Fight Orb, he, Zoffy and Jack go to help Zero, who is in trouble. Afterwards, they train Orb together with Zero to make him more powerful.
  • In Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy, he, Zoffy, Ultraman, Jack, Ace and Taro fought against the Parallel Isotopes of Juda and Mold. Then, they were attacked by the Parallel Isotopes of Belial and Tregear, but fortunately they were rescued by Zero.

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Ultraseven's family tree
Human Form Dan Moroboshi (モロボシ・ダン)
Transformation Item Ultra Eye
Active time on Earth Unlimited (powered by solar energy)
Color Timer Location Center of the forehead (normal state: steady green light; critical state: flickering green light)
Height 0 → 40M (with shrinking ability)
Weight 0 → 35,000 T (with shrinking ability)
Age 19000 years old
Flight speed Mach 7 (within the atmosphere, the ability to space jump)
Walking speed 800 km/h
Underwater speed 240 knots
Jumping power 400 meters
Arm strength Can lift heavy objects of more than 100,000 tons and less than 200,000 tons
Kick Power Has the power of 2000 bombs
Birthplace Land of Light, M78 Nebula
Tribe Red
Features Eye Slugger
Occupation Member of the Inter Galactic Defense Force, one of the Ultra Brothers, Stationary Post Observer No. 340, Inspector of Alien Civilization, Head of the Solar System Branch of the Defense Force, and Instructor of the Defense Force
Techniques Emerium Beam

Interestingly, the contrast between Seven's fighting style is huge. During the TV series, Seven chose to win by ingenuity, that is, after constantly observing the opponent's weaknesses, he found the right time to use his skills to fight the enemy. His fighting style was also more realistic and lacked ornamental. Heisei Ultraseven, however, slashed at people with his Slugger without saying a word.


Ultraseven's relationship chart
Unknown father Seven's father, former head of the Inter Galactic Defense Force.
Unknown mother Seven's mother, the younger sister of Marie.
Unknown sister Seven's sister, who took care of Seven after their parents died.
Father of Ultra Seven's uncle, the founder and current captain of the Inter Galactic Defense Force. According to Zoffy, he fought in the Ultimate Wars in ancient times.
Mother of Ultra Seven's aunt and sister of Seven's mother. The current captain of the Silver Cross Aid. She met the Father of Ultra during the Ultimate Wars.
Zoffy The first and the leader of the Ultra Brothers.
Ultraman:Ultraman The second Ultra Brother.
Ultraman Jack The fourth Ultra Brother, the weapon master among the Ultra Brothers.
Ultraman:Ultraman Ace The fifth Ultra Brother, the beam technique master among the Ultra Brothers.
Ultraman:Ultraman Taro The sixth Ultra Brother, the biological son of Ken and Marie, Seven's distant cousin, and the master of Ultraman Mebius.
Ultraman:Ultraman Leo Seven's apprentice, the seventh Ultra Brother, Ultraman Zero's master, Astra's biological older brother, the fighting master of the Ultra Brothers.
Ultraman:Astra The eighth Ultra Brother, the biological younger brother of Ultraman:Ultraman Leo.
Ultraman:Ultraman 80 The ninth Ultra Brother.
Ultraman:Ultraman Mebius The tenth Ultra Brother.
Ultraman Hikari The eleventh Ultra Brother.
Ultraman Zero Seven's biological son, known as the "strongest young warrior".
Ultraseven 21 Seven's junior, from the Galactic Security Agency.
Ultraman:Ultraman Taiga Taro's biological son, Seven's cousin.


Seven's Superior
Robot Ultraseven
It is a robot clone of Ultraseven made by Alien Salome. It has a combat ability no less than Seven's.
Delusion Ultraseven
First appeared in "Ultraman 80" episode 44 "Fight! 80 vs Ultraseven". It was a teenager named Naoto who attached his hatred to the drag racers on a toy doll of Ultraseven, making it an irrational delusion Ultraseven.
Chaos Ultraseven
It first appeared in the game Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth. It is one of the three Chaos Mechanics created by Alien Mefilas using the battle data of Seven and the head of Chaos.
Ultraseven Dark
First appeared in Ultraman Ginga Chapter 9 "The Dark Ultra Brother". It is the dark form of Ultraseven's Spark Doll formed by DarkLiving.

Appearance list

TV series

Year Work
1967 Ultraseven
1971 Return of Ultraman
1972 Ultraman Ace
1973 Ultraman Taro
1975 Ultraman Leo
1980 Ultraman 80
1984 Ultraman Story
2006 Ultraman Mebius
Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers
2008 Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers
2009 Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends the Movie
2010 Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial
2012 Ultraman Saga
2017 Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds!
2020 Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy


Title Platform
Ultra Guard: Monster Attack GBA
Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 PSP
Ultraman Fighting Evolution PS
Ultraman Fighting Evolution 2 PS2
Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 PS2
Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth PS2
City Shrouded in Shadow PS4
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  1. In fact, all the Ultra Brothers are all "Guillotine Princes", but Seven and Ace are more prominent.
  2. Zero didn't know that Seven was his father before.