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R-L: Kilin, Xi

Kilin and Xi (麟&犀) are two virtual idols created by NTT Docomo (Japan) and China Mobile (China), respectively. They are also the main characters of the series Live Animation: Heart x Algorhythm, and a virtual idol unit by the name of Tacitly.


Kilin and Xi are two AIs. Kilin speaks Japanese, while Xi speaks Chinese.


In December of 2016, the Japanese company NTT Docomo and China Mobile's Migu Animation announced they would join forces to develop a "virtual idol project."[1] The project was launched in the summer of 2017.



Name Kilin (麒麟kirin)
Birthday April 20
Horoscope ♈Aries
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Pink
Character Voicing Minori Suzuki
Akina Homoto (as Linlin)
Moe Points
From Japan
Group Affiliation NTT DoCoMo


Name Xi ()
Birthday April 20
Horoscope ♈Aries
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Character Voicing Emiri Sato (Japanese)
Xiao Wu Shen Shen Shen (Chinese)
Moe Points
From China
Group Affiliation China Mobile

Her name comes from the "Xi" (犀) in the Chinese idiom "心有灵犀一点通" (xin you ling xi yi dian tong), meaning "the hearts of loved ones are closely linked".


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