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Tibbie2017tibbie2018 is a Moegirlpedia userwho said she would quit network but didn't.

She has another online name called 花雨Tibbie. Her goat character is called HuaT.

Things she likes

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf
Virtual singers
  • How she becomes fans: Listening to Honoka55's Japanese VOCALOID covers of Pleasant Goat songs in 2019, and then knew UTAU in 2020.
  • Voicebanks she likes: Janly (UTAU/DeepVocal/VocalSharp), Yanxi (MUTA/AISingers)
  • Works:
    Wide ModeShow
    Wide ModeShow

me before
MGP family
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Although Tibbie2017tibbie2018 is quitting network, she would be still active in this wiki.
This user might create a lot of pages about English songs, but it is only because she wants to create more pages in a short time. Never think that all the content of the pages she created is the things she likes.
The things she likes are: Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, The Three-Body Problem and virtual singers. She also likes to watch Yanxi's broadcast.
I Will Be Back!
— Wolffy
About Me
Name Tibbie2017tibbie2018
Aliases scum花雨Tibbie, HuaT, Queen of Abandoned pit, set flag, catch errors[1]
Pages Created A stunning 1,269 pages!
Contributions As many as 3,116 contributions!
Score A staggering 1,355 points!
Blood Type
Zodiac Sign
Moe Points
Active In Bilibili, Pleasant Goat Pedia, Wikipedia

Hi, I am Tibbie2017tibbie2018.


Tibbie2017tibbie2018, is an editor of Wikipedia. She first registered on Wikipedia on June 18, 2018, and has started her career as an editor of Wikipedia.
A fan of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf and The Three-Body Problem, registers for Pleasant Goat Pedia and Pleasant Goat Doujin Wiki on March 28, 2020, and registers for Fandom (Pleasant Goat Wiki) on May 11, 2020), is the administrator of Pleasant Goat Pedia and Pleasant Goat Wiki.
She is also known as 花雨Tibbie (it was first published in My Discord Group).
Register on Moegirlpedia on November 26, 2020.
She is a person who edits 4 wikis [2], but many times she can’t take care of the 4 wikis. (When she changed the list of Pleasant Goat's episodes, she started to feel dizzy after changing it for a few days)
She is the Queen of Abandoned Pit, and may suddenly disappear from the wikis. But the probability is not big(?
Is a person who often edits on Pleasant Goat Pedia and English Moegirlpedia. However, the reason for editing on Pleasant Goat Pedia is because she wanted to achieve (no longer pursued).
This user is more active in English Moegirlpedia than Chinese Moegirlpedia, and even contribution scores No.1 of English Moegirlpedia.This is probably because this user likes to do things that others don’t, but she doesn’t speak Japanese and doesn’t like to fill in pits

Contributions in EnMoe

Things I like

These may change after quitting network, and she is too lazy to change it.

Pages I created

Don't press expand, this user often create pages and sometimes many pages every day

Page list


Userpages on other wikis I edit


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